Your Blogging Options

In my opinion, you have three options for your blog. There is Blogger, and self-hosted WordPress. If you plan on running advertisements on your site, is not an option for you.

I started on Blogger and later moved to self-hosted WordPress. Many people will tell you not to start on Blogger and to go straight to self-hosted. Here is why I disagree. First, Blogger is free. If you decide not to blog long-term, you havent lost any money. Second, Blogger will guide you as you set up your first site. There are numerous built in design options and site configurations. Finally, Blogger is super easy to figure out. You dont have to be a techie to learn how to use Blogger.

Once you start blogging and decide you want to stick with it, you can then decide to make a financial investment and pursue self-hosted WordPress.


  1. I also started on Blogger and moved to self-hosted WordPress. Definitely a great move, although it was not as painful as I anticipated it would be.

    Welcome to Collective Bias!

  2. I have a blog for my website, and now I am being told I should not put a link on my website to the blog because the blog has no traffic yet and it will hurt my website ranking? what do you think?
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