Bad Interview? Share Your Experience.

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Ive started a new feature on this site. It is all about sharing your bad interview experiences. If you’ve had a bad interview, I’m sure you will enjoy reading about the experiences of others. Let’s see how things are going out in the interview world. Leave a comment with your story.

How to deal with an indifferent manager

We’ve all been there. Most of us, at one point or another, have been impacted by an indifferent manager. This types of manager never acknowledges your accomplishments or offers any type of positive feedback. What do you do when you work for someone who has the personality of wall paint? Many years ago, you could simply look for another job and easily find a new one. In today’s economy, however, you might be stuck in your current job for the long haul. Here are 5 ways to handle an indifferent manager.

1. Continue to work hard. Just because your work isn’t recognized by your manager doesn’t mean your coworkers or other managers don’t appreciate/notice your efforts.

2.  Don’t gossip or talk about your manager to your coworkers. Negativity breeds negativity and before you know it, everyone at work will have a bad attitude.

3.  Go out to lunch. When you get frustrated with things at work– leave the office for lunch. Sometimes this much needed break can help you feel better and put things into perspective.

4.  Set your own goals. If your manager isn’t setting goals for you, set your own. Reward yourself when you meet them.

5. Get a hobby or do some volunteer work. Find a way to focus your energy on something positive outside of the office.

When dealing with an indifferent manager, don’t let your self esteem take a dive. Remember that your job does not define who you are as a person.

Your Blogging Options

In my opinion, you have three options for your blog. There is Blogger, and self-hosted WordPress. If you plan on running advertisements on your site, is not an option for you.

I started on Blogger and later moved to self-hosted WordPress. Many people will tell you not to start on Blogger and to go straight to self-hosted. Here is why I disagree. First, Blogger is free. If you decide not to blog long-term, you havent lost any money. Second, Blogger will guide you as you set up your first site. There are numerous built in design options and site configurations. Finally, Blogger is super easy to figure out. You dont have to be a techie to learn how to use Blogger.

Once you start blogging and decide you want to stick with it, you can then decide to make a financial investment and pursue self-hosted WordPress.

Consider internal applicants for promotions

consider internal candidates for promotions

So, you’ve got a position to fill and the task can seem daunting. You post the job on a board and wait for the resumes to accumulate in your inbox, without giving a second thought to your current employees. Why is it that managers always consider internal candidates as a last option? Your next superstar could be sitting in the cubicle down the hall. Many managers are afraid to promote internal candidates.

You currently have employees who are dedicated and have put in years of service to your company. Why not give them a chance at a promotion? If you want to keep good people, you have to offer advancement opportunities. I cant think of a single person who wants to stay in the same position until retirement. Instead of worrying about the potential pitfalls of promoting someone you already know, look at the positive outcomes.

Recommending former coworkers

Do you ever consider recommending former coworkers for positions within your company? Most companies will even offer a bonus for referring applicants who are later hired as full time employees. We’ve all worked with great people. You must know someone who is interested in finding a new job or looking for that next opportunity. Why not recommend them for a position? Not only will you possibly get a financial benefit, you will improve your image within the company by referring quality applicants. Plus, you never know when you might need someone to refer you for a new job.


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